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Great Poetry for Children by Jody Weissler

Basketball Woes

 by Jody Weissler

Our team has never won a game

Or made a single shot.

They say it’s about having fun

 I hear that quite a lot.


Today is our final game

I will really do my best.

Since I am playing center

This will be my final test.


I look at the other team

They came from another town.

Their coach used to play in the NBA

and gave his team the crown.


They have a player who is six foot six

I know they’ll surely win

They have another who can’t miss a shot

He shoots like Jeremy Lin.


The game started and within a minute

I make my first and only try.

My teammates passed the ball quite well

It ended in a tie.

The game was finally over  

And we gladly didn’t lose.

I can’t wait to next year

to lace my basketball shoes.