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Great Poetry for Children by Jody Weissler

Halloween Parade

by Jody Weissler

Line up, line up, line up

its time to get in line!

A Halloween Parade is here,

its only once a year,

and my costume is looking fine.

My teacher is an Angry Bird,

and my best friend is a beast.

I really hope after all this marching  

we’ll be rewarded with a feast.

The music starts...its kind of loud

and we begin our gentle walking.

“Monster Mash” is the name of the song.

A spooky man is talking.

In front of me is the principal.

She is dressed up as a fairy.

I wave at all the other kids

and some look kind of scary!

We go back to our classroom

and my teacher says “time to get to reading.”

I think ahead, just a few more hours

until I begin the trick-or-treating.