Our Poems

The Poems of Jody Weissler

Animal Themed Poems
My Bunny Needs to Diet
My Cat Talks to the Birds
My Dog Walks Me Three Times A Day
The Whale Watch
Mr. Giggle's Petshop

Food Themed Poems
Pizza Island
Chocolate Fever
The Buffet
Baking a Cake

Holiday Themed Poems
Cookies for Santa
Halloween Parade
Valentine's Day
The Jealous Chickens (Easter)
The Holidays
I am Thankful (Thanksgiving)

Biographical Poems
Ben Franklin
Dr. King

Transportation Poems
A Train at My Door
The Train Ride
A Pilot

School Themed Poems
64 Crayons
Welcome Back
The Spelling Bee
New Kid in our Class
Lost in the Library

Sports and Fitness
The Diving Board
Basketball Woes
The Swimming Pool
Surfer Lou

Farming and Agriculture
The Farmer
Green Thumb

Can't Stop Laughing
I Love my Hats
My Weekend
Don't Climb the Ladder
Weekend Gamer
Being Solar
Help Wanted
Will not Sell
The Greatest Story Ever Told
Birthday Disaster
Rolling Uphill
Narrow House
The Family Dig
Vending Machine
Stars on Earth
Treehouse For My Parents
World's Smallest Apartment
Our Neighborhood Orchestra
Billy and Bernadette Benson
Build Myself a Roller Coaster
The Land of One More
I Think I will be an Astronaut
It's Kinda Windy Outside